Why Fields?

Why we grow WHEATGRASS in the field:

  • Here it is FREE FROM MOULD, it tastes wonderfully fresh and sweet!!!!!

  • Only field grown WHEATGRASS can be certified ORGANIC.

    Even if organic seeds are being used in trays or compost free growing methods, certification can only be given to field grown Wheatgrass!!


    imagine the adventures, life shaping, invigorating journey Fieldgrown Wheatgrass has experienced from being sown in autumn to finally appearing in early spring and growing steadily in all weathers….and imagine the little seed that grows under possibly artificial circumstances in a small plastic tray reaching maturity within 15days??? Ah, which one would you choose???

    Fieldgrown Wheatgrass is ready to harvest after approximately 6 months.

    It has by then collected, besides all it’s nutrients, vitality and strength, which goes right into our bodies to share this CHI (energy).

  • And we happily scythe our grass
    fields: this ancient, peaceful, meditative technique respects wildlife, brings about a very harmonious energy and enables us to pick and carefully select only the greenest and healthiest grass, which reflects in the amazing, alive QUALITY of our freshly pressed and same day frozen GRASSJUICES.

organic fieldgrown WHEATGRASS harvested traditionally, freshly pressed and frozen

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