To our dear customers,

2022 will see us re-arranging the company, and we won’t be selling grass juices this year. With so much of life changing all around us, there is thankfully also a huge potential for positive change within smaller entities like Fieldgrassjuice. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and peaceful year.

Delivery details

COVID19 – we can only deliver locally (South Hams, Devon) at the moment due to busy and delayed national delivery times. Sorry for this inconvenience!

Prices include delivery within the South Hams.

We usually deliver within 2-3 days once the order has been placed. Please ensure that someone is at home to immediately store the goods in a freezer. Alternatively please send us a mail and specify a convenient day for your delivery.

Thank you!

Contact us

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organic fieldgrown WHEATGRASS harvested traditionally, freshly pressed and frozen

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