about us

Finding ways into the future………………..while learning from the past.

With that always in mind, SUSTAINABILITY is one of our priorities. So we only use

  • compostable, biodegradable and recyclable materials

  • NO chemicals…ORGANIC

  • traditional scythes to harvest, because this is peaceful and easy on fauna and flora and enables us to pick and carefully sort so that only the greenest, healthiest grass is juiced.

  • integrating COMMUNITY: weaving a local non exclusive network of friends…………………which equals HAPPiNESS

  • Fair pricing, so that you can afford to buy and we can afford to sell.

  • NURTURING the future:  we are starving due to lack of nutrients! Our everyday bread is very empty food these days. Many foods are fortified with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, yet they can not be absorbed by our bodies. Only with certain combinations is this possible. But NATURE has created perfect food for us. And amongst that some Foods are SUPER FOODS, they are super rich in nutrients and a little goes a looooong way…these are HEALING FOODS and the humble GRASSES like Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oat belong to the most ancient, successful, much needed Foods there are .

  celtic green


organic fieldgrown WHEATGRASS harvested traditionally, freshly pressed and frozen

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